Prayer Request

Our Prayer Wall

    • Please pray for my loving mum and nanny, Maureen Berryman, who passed away on Sunday and for all of her family and friends. May she rest in peace. (Katie, Mark, Tom & James)

    • Please pray for Rachel and give her the strength she needs to become well again. Please help all the medical staff and guide them in her treatment. (Jane)

    • Please pray for Rachel a young woman struggling with kidney dialysis and diabetes as she recovers in hospital after a blood transfusion & major operation to hopefully prevent her foot being amputated. (Carol)

    • Please pray for my mum who is not well and rest of the family! (Elizabeth)

    • Please pray for Gill , a much loved, always missed Mom, Mother-in-law and Granny. She passed away 12th October 2008 joining her husband Les who passed away six months earlier. She never saw Zac but she and Dad must be watching from on high.  (Andy, Dawn & Zac)

    • Please pray for my stomach/digestive system. I have had pain for about a year and I am very depressed. I am desperate and don’t know what to do. Thank you. (Jack) 

    • In memory of Jean Wright who passed away on Friday and for all of her family and friends. A lovely lady who will be much missed. (Judith)

    • My employer hasn't paid me my furlough payment this month. Please pray that I'll be paid soon. (Henry)

    • Please pray for the 16 year old boy from Sudan who drowned trying to reach the UK, also for his family. Please pray for compassion and care for all people trying to find a place of safety. (Jane)

    • Prayers for the people of Lebanon, those who have lost their lives, been critically injured and those who are still missing. Prayers for their families, friends and all those trying to help. (Jane)

    • For all those undergoing current, non COVID-19, treatment. That they will still receive it and be safe in the process. Specially for E, B, C, and K  (Anon)