Sparks @ St John's


Sunday mornings 10:00 during the service 

Sparks is out 4-10 year old programme. We meet every Sunday morning at 10:00 and are usually found in the Children's Chapel to the left of the altar in church. We worship alongside the congregation most weeks but on the 3rd Sunday we go over to the church centre once the service starts to explore our bible passage in more depth, usually with a game or two! When we worship alongside the congregation we have an activitiy or craft for the children to help them explore the theme or passage of the day. We always make sure we have a child friendly version of the reading avaible so that the bible is accessible for all! If the children have something they want to share with the congregation at the end of the service we are invited to do so. 

What's happening this week? 


1st Sunday- All age Worship

Sparks in Children's Chapel 

2nd Sunday- Parish Communion

Sparks in Children's Chapel

3rd Sunday- Parish Communion

Sparks in St John's Centre 

4th Sunday- Parish Communion

Sparks in Children's Chapel 

5th Sunday- Parish Communion

Sparks in Children Chapel  

Sparks Registration Form

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