Eco Church

Welcome to our Living Churchyard

As the countryside in Britain becomes more urbanised, there are fewer places for wildlife to live and wildflowers to grow. In the past 80 years, Britain has lost 97% of its wild flower meadows and many species that depend on them have disappeared from the countryside. 

In St John’s churchyard we’re doing our bit to change things for the better. By allowing some of the areas richest in wild flowers to bloom and seed, we’re providing sources of nectar for many insects, including bees and butterflies, which are in serious decline. Many of these and other insects, in turn provide food for birds and mammals. 

The ‘Living Churchyard’ project provides sanctuary for species whose living space has been cut back. Now more than 6,000 British churchyards manage their small plots of land as sacred eco-systems – without pesticides and leaving some grassy areas to be mown infrequently – ensuring that birds, reptiles, insects and bats can thrive. 

St John’s Living Churchyard is giving sanctuary to wildlife and we hope you find sanctuary here too. 

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