Electoral Roll

Would you like to be a bigger part of St John’s

Are you a long standing member of St John’s congregation or have you come to be part of our on church community through worshipping on line or attending church run activities and want to be more involved?

Being entered on the Electoral Roll shows commitment to St John’s and the wonderful people who make up our church community. The Roll itself demonstrates the strength of this community and enables members to take a full part in and vote at the Annual Meeting, to be involved in any necessary decision-making and stand for various positions such as member of the PCC and sides person. The Roll is voluntary and confidential and not open to general scrutiny and is something all parishes must have.

You can become a member at any time throughout the year by completing the form below or by contacting Carole Burtonwood at carole.burtonwood@saintjohns.org.uk who is happy to answer any questions about the Electoral Roll and membership of it.

You can join the electoral roll if you are:

    • baptised
    • aged 16 or over
    • a member of the Church of England or of a Church in communion with it
    • resident in the parish or have regularly worshipped in the parish in the last six months
    • a member in good standing of a church not in communion with the C of E but subscribes to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and are also a member of the C of E and have regularly worshipped in the parish in the last six months