Christmas Day 2019

Christmas Day service – 25th December 2019

Happy Birthday, Jesus, Light of the world!

The miracle of Christ’s birth never fails to move young and old alike. It may be simple, childlike wonderment at the tale of a baby born in a stable with a manger for his bed; or it may evoke more complex thoughts about the meaning of God’s love. Yet the ‘good news invitation’ is clear. By sending his only Son, God showed how much he loves the world and invites us all to let ‘the light of faith light up our hearts’. This was the theme of the Christmas Day service at St. John’s, led by Rev Rona and Rev Barry.

The white central candle on the advent wreath was lit in celebration of the birth of Jesus. Throughout the service, the glowing candles of the advent wreath acted as a constant reminder of the shining hope offered by the birth of Christ.