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Men's Fellowship

The Fellowship came into being in 2019 when a number of men decided that they could prove the Ladies weren’t the only sex that could meet up to socialise, network, discuss issues of the moment and try to relate the problems of society to  their Christian ethic.

It was decided to blend the serious and the social, deep thinking and frivolous fellowship, the practical and the theoretical in a contrasting series of events. Last autumn, at a Saturday morning breakfast, we heard a lay priest/consultant engineer talk about his faith and the demands of his job which often threw up practical and ethical tensions. At a second breakfast we learned of the seriously good work the charity, “The Clink,” is doing in training guests of her Majesty’s Prisons to become chef’s ready for the outside world.  In between times we retained the spiritual theme with an evening visit to the Hog’s Back Brewery.

Due to "Lock-down" many of our plans were postponed until later in 2021. However, last Summer we have managed a walk to Clandon via Merrow Downs and last November we had a terrific talk over breakfast with a retired JP, a Christian, who told us of the challenges of dispensing justice.

For 2022, we will aim to have an evening out on the Watercress Line’ s real Ale Train and we are planning to take lunch prepared by  the Clink’s trainees inside HMP High Down.  We are also hoping to invite representatives of other religions to share over breakfast the similarities and differences between us. As and when we can arrange events we will keep you informed on this section of the website. 

If you wish to know more of the Men’s fellowship contact Robert Avis (robertavis@raavis.plus.com) or Richard Burtonwood (richard.burtonwood@saintjohns.org.uk) who will be happy to share thoughts with you.