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Christian Aid Week - 15th to 21st May 2022

A team from St John’s will be out delivering envelopes in Christian Aid Week, trying the new delivery only envelopes. Each envelope will be labelled with a nearby address where donations can be left and also with  link to our e-envelope for online donations which will be tracked as being raised by St John’s.

We can’t deliver everywhere, so please take a look at our e-envelope here:
There will also be envelopes in church for donations.
Christian Aid is focusing on the effects of drought. It robs women of the power to farm and grow food for their families. Now, for the first time in a generation, global poverty is rising. Covid-19, conflict and the climate crisis are pushing more of our global neighbours into a struggle for survival. 
Women and men in Zimbabwe are hungry to provide a more hopeful future. Mums often skip meals to share with their children what little food they have. One of these mums is Jessica Mwedzi. Drought makes every day a struggle for survival. Jessica is hungry. Hungry for a good meal. Hungry to earn a decent living. Hungry to provide a more hopeful future for her family. ‘My children crave a good meal, but I can’t provide.’ Jessica says. ‘It pains me to send them to bed hungry.’   
Jessica Mwedzi, is hungry to provide food – and hope – for her family
Please donate this Christian Aid Week. Your donations will help families facing poverty and injustice around the world. 
  • £5 could buy water taps for a community garden
  • £15 could buy drought-resistant seeds like sorghum or millet to help 10 farmers like Jessica to grow food
  • £60 could train 50 women farmers to adapt and grow food in the changing climate
  • £250 could help a family build a storeroom, and provide seeds and fertilisers
Your gift could help Jessica grow drought-resistant crops. You could help her set up a water tap on her farm and learn how to grow food in the harsh climate. She’ll turn her dry, dusty land into a garden of hope. 
Jessica Mwedzi carries maize grain to make porridge to feed her family.
This Christian Aid Week, you can be one of the hundreds of thousands of supporters who give, act and pray – stepping out in love for our global neighbours. If you would like to help with this, or would like more information, please contact Sara England on 01483 504205.