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Spokes - Youth Group


Welcome to the Spring Term of Spokes.

This term we'll be meeting 5-6.30pm for games, activities and food whilst exploring faith together. We'll also be joining up with Clandon Youth Group 'YOPP' for some fun trips out! 

Join us - all are welcome! 

Each session will have some food (pizza/pasta bake for example!) games, activities and a short time exploring the following topics! We're meeting: 

  • 24th April: Bowling with YOPP
  • 8th May: What's in the Bible?
  • 23rd May: Why is the Bible still relavent?
  • 10th-11th June: Sleepover!
  • 26th June: Characters of the Bible - Noah
  • 10th July: Characters of the Bible - Abraham
  • 24th July: Characters of the Bible - Joseph

As always if you have any queries or questions or want to join us please get in touch with Hannah on 07591674306 or youthworker@saintjohns.org.uk