Christian Aid Week - 14th to 21st May 2023


Christian Aid Week 14th to 21st May 2023

Please help St John’s to continue our long tradition of supporting Christian Aid. We have our own e-envelope if you would like to give online click here -  SaintJohns - Christian Aid Envelope 

or you can access it with this QR code.

Envelopes will be available at all the services during Christian Aid week for cash and cheque donations. These can be returned at the services or to the Parish Office.

There will also be cakes with our coffee after the 10 a.m. service on 21st with donations going to Christian Aid.

Update on Christian Aid’s focus this year

Soaring costs are affecting people here and around the world. Families in Malawi are paying the price of this global crisis. Food, fuel, fertiliser and school fees have doubled in price in the last 12 months. Hard-working farmers are seeing their harvests fail as the climate crisis brings increasingly erratic weather.

The impact of the recent Cyclone Freddy in Malawi has been devastating. Floods have washed away crops, over 500,000 people have been displaced and hundreds have lost their lives.

This is Jen, a loving mum in Malawi. She  dreams of her children being able to have the education they deserve.

Her hard-working boys have earned places at top colleges – but Jen cannot afford to send them both. ‘My heart longs to see our children finish school,’ says Jen. ‘These dreams are very important to me, because by doing so, I’ll be sure that I am creating a good future for the children.'

Jen and her husband have two acres of pigeon peas, but they are struggling with the effects of the climate crisis. The rainfall is unreliable, and there are more storms, flooding and stronger winds.

The pigeon pea is a tough plant, able to withstand a lot – just like Jen. But to make the most of her crop, Jen needs to plant good quality seeds and sell for the best price possible, and not to unscrupulous middlemen.

This Christian Aid Week, you can help dreams come true

Your gift could help famers like Jen plant better seeds, secure a fairer price for their crops, and build happier futures for their children.

Please give today, and help this strong and determined mum provide for her families future.